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Ancient Wisdom + Modern Technology

= Health Wealth

Susan Shane, L.Ac., integrates ancient medical traditions with modern magnet therapy to impart true wealth — the kind that only comes from self-empowered healthy living

People battling poor fitness, excess weight, back or joint pain, stress, fatigue, sports injuries, and other health issues need simple, do-it-yourself ways to improve their health and well-being. Those already in good health need equally simple ways to maintain their wealth of vitality. Author and wellness expert Susan Shane has created a series of accessible health tools that enable anyone to make a direct impact on their pain level, energy level, and overall wellness: the Hand Energetics™ program, and Vitality Fusion, which includes the ExAIRcise™ approach to physical movement.

An authority on world health practices, Susan is an acupuncturist licensed both in California and nationally (NCCAOM). Her Hand Energetics™ program uses small, powerful magnets as proxies for acupuncture needles. Her book, “Vitality Fusion: a Comparative, Interactive Survey of Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine, Second Edition” reveals how readers can create a customized path, including exercise, for optimal health using ancient and modern modalities.

Hand Energetics™

Susan Shane’s Hand Energetics™ simplifies ancient acupuncture knowledge, remapping it onto the hand. This gives people instant access to all the body’s systems right at their fingertips. Using modern magnet technology in combination with ancient acupuncture wisdom, people can directly impact their experience of wellness right from home, work, or anywhere they can take 15 - 30 minutes to restore and rejuvenate.

Hand Energetics™ offers targeted protocols for many health needs, including:

* Boosting immunity
* Anxiety
* Energy and vitality
* Sleep issues
* Knee pain
* Stress
* Lower back pain
* Constipation
* Shoulder pain
* Depression
* Wrist pain

Acupressure alone can create a positive energetic shift when used with the Hand Energetics™ map, but the small, powerful neodymium magnets provided with the Hand Energetics™ kit are a much more efficient way to create the homeostasis — the state of balance — that the body craves.

Theories explaining how these magnets balance the body include:

* Magnets have intrinsic ferromagnetic properties that increase blood circulation.
* Magnets react with cells, inducing ion exchanges which increase oxygen and blood circulation.
* Magnets produce a slight electrical current which helps nerves react, producing the body’s natural pain killers, beta-endorphins.

A special feature of the small magnets used in the Hand Energetics™ program is that the magnets themselves are biomarked to indicate “north” and “south” polarity: one side of the magnet technology can be used to calm pain, inflammation, and energy levels (such as when you want to fall asleep) and the other side is used to have the opposite effect – to invigorate, increase vitality, and stimulate circulation.

“Having access to the ancient knowledge from this acupuncture system remapped onto the hand is incredibly beneficial,” says Susan. “Learning how to use that knowledge with the modern magnet technology really allows people to feel better, to tune in to what’s there and what’s going on for them, and to make adjustments when there’s something that is out of balance. Once you start experiencing that, it’s really wonderful.”

Vitality Fusion and ExAIRcise™

In her book, “Vitality Fusion,” Susan explains:

* The history, differences and commonalities of world health and fitness traditions.
* Why we each need to take charge of our health. This starts with understanding our medical histories and the reasons we have been prescribed pharmaceuticals, herbal medications, or procedures.
* How to become more mindful of the food you eat and its impact on your health.
* Why we each need a spiritual sensibility (or “spiritual quotient” as she calls it) in how we decide to care for our health and ourselves.

"I'm trying to get people to listen to their own expert within themselves, their own innate wisdom, rather than just looking externally for a quick fix," she says. "You have to have a spiritual sensibility in what you decide to do with your health."

As part of this overall approach of self-empowerment, Vitality Fusion also includes a special section on exercise – it introduces a new way of incorporating physical movement, called ExAircise™, into a diversified “health wealth” portfolio.

ExAIRcise™ is a cross-cultural fitness program grounded in Western, Chinese, and Ayurvedic traditions. Susan created ExAIRcise™ based upon her background in dance, and her knowledge that proper breathing is integral to health and fitness practices worldwide. ExAircise™ includes simple, gentle, easy-to-learn movements that introduce people to the importance of slowing down and breathing deeply for lifelong health. Susan notes, “For those of us who tend to overdo everything from work to exercise, the revelation of fully aerating our bodies throughout our daily lives can open up a revolutionary path to health.”

She adds, "People have become so rational and mechanical in their movements in daily life, they have forgotten what it feels like to really breathe. They don't know that air goes from head to toe to support them. There's so much that people can learn, and breathing is key." Tai chi, yoga, and modern relaxation techniques point to the primacy of breathing in Oriental, Ayurvedic, and Western traditions. ExAIRcise™ draws upon all these traditions to help people boost health and vitality.

"Whether people are in pain and poor fitness, no matter what they've done or haven't done, I always review the breathing," Susan says. "I go over it with people suffering from minor situations to chronic major illnesses. It's huge because they can do ExAIRcise all the time and help themselves."

Through her mastery of global holistic traditions, Susan has helped patients overcome chronic back and muscular pain and fibromyalgia, recover from sports injuries, and even helped infertile couples achieve the health balance needed to conceive. Through ExAIRcise™, she has introduced everyone from elite athletes to octogenarians to the benefits of slow, deep, purposeful breathing.

Susan began developing ExAIRcise™ more than 20 years ago and over the years she added to the body of work that became Vitality Fusion. The project came together the last few years when she was traveling the United States with her son, who was competing nationally in martial arts, and realized how many Americans could benefit from ExAIRcise™ with its holistic focus on breathing, movement, and self-care.

"Many of the people I met were overweight and in pain, not just from sports, but from eating food that did not have value in it," she says. "I kept watching them and said, ‘Oh my goodness, this is where people need to know they have other choices.’

Where Vitality Fusion seeks to enlighten its readers about the different approaches of three different medical traditions, both Hand Energetics™ and ExAircise™ look to empower with personalized tools and techniques that can give everyone a new pathway to optimal health – one in which they are in full control. Whether you are challenged by a physical issue, or just looking to maintain the current account balance in your Health Wealth portfolio, Hand Energetics™ and Vitality Fusion are invaluable personal resources.

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