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Aerate Your Health!

Breathing deeply is something we often forget to do in our daily lives and even when we are exercising, yet it is a critical part of the three major world health traditions. Susan Shane, veteran acupuncturist and authority on Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western health systems, explains what ancient and modern medicine teaches about breathing for health and well-being.

World Health Systems – What We Are Missing:

Americans have long relied upon Western medicine with its linear focus on illness and diagnosing symptoms, often overlooking other world health systems that focus on holistic health and wellness. From her years researching Western, Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, Susan explains how people can improve their health using the best of ancient and modern health medicine.

Take Charge of Your Health in 3 Steps

A licensed acupuncturist for 20 years, Susan explains how the food we eat and the way we breathe and move affects our health, well-being and quality of life.

Exaircise for Health, Healing and Stress Relief

Susan explains how changing the way we breathe and exercise can help us heal from major health issues and sports injuries, relieve stress that leads to illness, and even help couples who are struggling to conceive.

Stressed Out? Shake it Out!

Susan demonstrates and explains "The Shaker," one of the signature movements she developed as part of Exaircise. She shows how easy it is to shake out lower body and leg stress that leads to muscular and nervous tension imbalances, using movements she adapted from her background in dance.

Want to Win? Slow Down!

In her work with the National Sports Acupuncture Association, Susan found elite athletes sometimes suffer from severe cardiovascular symptoms. Susan explains how slowing down and breathing properly can help anyone get more out of their workout...and their day at work!

Breathing New Life for Seniors

Exaircise is a gentle, easy and simple way seniors can improve their health and quality of life. Susan explains and demonstrates how Exaircise can help people of any age boost their quality of life.

The Immune-Boosting Secret of Chinese Medicine

Susan discusses how oriental practices such as Tai-Chi and Qigong can help people boost their immunity to fight off illness.

How to Eat and Breathe to Stay Well This Winter

Susan discusses the best foods and practices for boosting immunity and staying well when cold and flu germs are rampant.

Your Personal Healthcare System

With all the uncertainty over changes in our healthcare system, people may not realize how much control they have over their own health. Susan discusses the choices we can make each day, and why it pays to understand every part of our personal health histories.

Journal it, Baby!

Susan discusses the benefits of keeping a journal while pregnant, as well as how keeping a journal can help people manifest their dreams in all areas of life. She shares inspiring stories from her practice plus tips from her book, Vitality Fusion.

Raising Vital Families....and Pets!

Susan shares secrets from Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic health systems for raising healthy kids and families. From her experience in veterinary acupuncture, she discusses why more and more families are including their pets in their pursuit of holistic health.
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